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Surrounded by the Po Delta Park and the Comacchio Lagoon, an area where the ancient Etruscans settled down, the Thermae Oasis calls to mind a fascinating atmosphere out of time.

Thermae Oasis is a wellness centre, the only one in the Province of Ferrara, which was born in 2003, after an accurate geological research, in Lido delle Nazioni , and located just a stone’s throw from the see, in the middle of the Po Delta Park.


SPA and Medical centre

Thermae Oasis is also a medical centre, which offers the chance to do thermal therapies, and a wonderful SPA, where our Spa Therapist will take care of you with a wide variety of massages and treatments.

The thermal water of the “Thermae Oasis” is salsobromoiodine and flows inside a thousand-year-old groundwater aquifer, located under the Thermal Centre, near Ca’ Rossa, at a depth of about 380 meters.
Thanks to a solid clay crust, that has filtered it during all these years, it is high-quality thermal water, recognised by the Board of Health.
This type of water is highly used for thermal treatments. It is mostly used for thermal baths, but it can be useful also for other thermal treatments: ENT and vascular diseases. From a therapeutic point of view, the salsobromoiodine water is mainly known for its anti-inflammatory action.

Those “guests” who will attend our SPA have highly-qualified Spa therapists at their disposal that will guide them during their relaxing and healing process.


The interior and exterior of our Thermal Centre represent a perfect balance of harmony and energy.
The former is composed of amazing furniture and decoration from Pompeii that spread a sense of calm; the latter, the Wellness Gardens, with their rocks style reawaken old energies.

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  • Thermae Oasis, Lido delle Nazioni, FE, Italia

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